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Mix Engineer: Emiliano Brescacin
Emiliano Brescacin
  • SAGA - Excessive
  • Emiliano Brescacin - Excessive
  • Dave McIsaac - Changing Things

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Home to the first and only online audio engineer mix contests, is the brain-child of audio engineers who wanted a way to gather a community around pro audio and evaluating the audio mixing process. celebrates everything from pop music mixes to audio scene mixes for film…point blank, we are all about the love of audio recording and mixing while building a community that shares the same love. Submit your mix to the mixrevu Head2Head contests for your chance to win a mixrevu winner spot on our home page, newsletters and receive promotion via our Social Media! It's also a great opportunity to get valuable feedback from our audio engineering community! Here's how the mixrevu Head2Heads work. Join the conversation in the forum where we discuss anything and everything related to pro audio & audio engineers!

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Founded in 2013 was birthed from the desire of novice audio engineers and audio engineering students to have a place to present their audio mixes to the audio engineering community and receive invaluable feedback in a platform like none other. The founders of are musicians and audio engineers with experiences that range from audio scene engineering to rock, pop, and hip hop music mixing. is a platform for the advancement of pro audio engineering through community feedback. The team is dedicated to promoting the audio engineering community and learning along the way. Join US!'s 007 Signal Path Series audio blog

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