• Posted: 14/04/12    

10 Signs You Studied Music Technology In College!

Recording engineers, mixing engineer's and anyone else who studied Music Technology / Music Recording in a university or trade school atmosphere all have a few things in common. In our next edition of the audio blog instead of giving you the ins and outs on the Top 10 Skills  Audio Engineer Students MUST HAVE, or testing your microphone knowledge of some of music's biggest stars, we thought we'd make an awesome list of 10 of the most common things audio engineer students go through while studying the trade. Whether attending a 4 year university program, or just a trade school, you'll remember many of these things during your time studying audio engineering. If you haven't yet enrolled in a program, we hope this list sheds some light on things you might experience, and if you have already completed your training you'll probably laugh and nod in agreement with many of the items on our list. If you happen to know of any others we didn't mention, let us know in the forum!




You Carried This Book Around For Years!




At This Point, You Are Tim Crich'd Out!




You've swtiched Out These Drives In Your Sleep!



This makes you Happy For Some Odd Reason!




You've Had All of these meals in the Studio in...1 Day!




Someone’s had to call or text you because they needed to use the studio and you “forgot” (forgot here also means “totally knew the whole time”, because you had some more stuff to do later and didn’t want to check them back out) you had these on you.





You & Your friends carry around both of these at all times!




At Some Point OMF's Have Caused You to Do This!




Pressing write instead of touch or latch during an automaton pass has almost led you to this.






- This is all just a bunch of numbers and letters to most people, but all you need are 12 carefully placed spaces and you are right at home. wink


If you know where the spaces go, let us know in the forum.


**Be sure to comment and/or let us know which ones you think we should have included in the forum.**




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