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5 Top Mix Engineers in Classical or Jazz Music!

Our “Top Mix Engineer Series” wouldn’t be complete if we left out the essence of what today’s music is founded upon. Classical Music and Jazz are genres mixed and engineered in very different ways in comparison to popular genres. Here are five of classical and jazz music’s most acclaimed in engineering talent. As in the other posts on Pop, Hip Hop, Country & Rock, I want to make it clear that we are very aware that these engineers mix many, many genres. By no means are we saying with this article that these engineers only mix classical or jazz music. We decided to include these engineers in this category because they’ve either mixed some of the most recent classical and jazz recordings, or they’ve worked with some of the genre’s biggest artists. Without further ado, here is a little more about some of the industry’s elite mixers:

Jay Newland

Jay Newland in studio - 5 Top Mix Engineers in Classical or Jazz Music

Best Latin Jazz Performance 2001, Record of The Year 2002, Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album 2003, are all awards garnered by Mix Engineer Jay Newland. Working with names such as Norah Jones, Esperanza Spalding, Etta James and Art Mengo, Jay has established himself as a leader in engineering in the Jazz genre. He’s got credits from mixing, mastering, producing and even as a bassist with The Billy Nayer Show. A Berkelee College of Music graduate, you’ll know Jay Newland’s engineering most from Norah Jones’s 32 times platinum…let me say that again so that it rushes over you…32 TIMES PLATINUM album “Come Away With Me”. Newland is a 9-time Grammy winning engineer, most recently for “Liquid Spirits” the album by Gregory Porter.


Mark Donahue

Mark Donahue in studio - 5 Top Mix Engineers in Classical or Jazz

2014’s Grammy Winner for Best Chamber Music performance “Roomful of Teeth” was engineered by Mark Donahue. Mark Donahue has credits going back many many years, as well as credits with artists such as Nat Baldwin, The Rockney Box, and The Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Although according to allmusic.com you’ll still see recent credits for mixing, Donahue’s career seems to be centrally focused on mastering and re-mastering currently.


Mike Marciano

Mike Marciano in studio - 5 Top Classical & Jazz Mix Engineers

The New Classic Trio, Tom Harrell, Dave Budway, and Meredith D’Ambrosio are just a few of the artists who are on Mike Marciano’s credit list according to allmusic.com. Mixing, mastering, and production are everywhere on Marciano’s credits history. Awards? He's got those too, the 2011 Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album, and 2013 Grammy for Best Jazz Instrumental album are both awards in Marciano's possession.  Working with Jazz artists since at least as far back as the 1980s Marciano has a history that proves he knows the genre well. I would surmise that his frequent work with international artists has also greatly influenced his work with traditional jazz and pop artists.


Peter Laenger

Peter Laenger in studio -5 Top Classical Mix Engineers

German born Peter Laenger is very well known for engineering and production in the Classical Music genre. Credits dating back to the 1980’s suggest that his long history has been a successful one. Laenger is even credited a with Music Supervisor role on the 2007 documentary “Paganini’s Daemon”. You’ll know Laenger’s work from artists such as The Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Michelle Markarski, and Alexi Lubimov. It’s interesting to note that Laenger has a wide array of credits ranging from engineering, mixing, mastering to photography. He produced and engineered 2014’s Best Choral Performance “Adam’s Lament” and won Grammy’s for both roles.


Tim Martyn & Brian Losch

Brian Losch and Tim Martyn recording classical

2014 Grammys for classical album categories: Best Engineered Album, Best Contemporary Classical Composition, and Best Classical Vocal Solo all went to engineers Brain Losch and Tim Martyn. According to Losch Recordings, a NY based Music Production Company founded by Brian Losch, Losch’s work spans many leading classical recording labels. The company website also has much more information on Brian Losch as an engineer. Tim Martyn has production and engineering credits dating back to the 1980’s, and has worked on projects with the Smithsonian Chamber Orchestra, Kronos Quartet, and violinist Sarah Chang to name a few. Both engineers work on projects separately, and the key reason they are pictured here together is in recognition of their most recent Grammy winning efforts. One more note on Brian Losch, he’s also an AES Student Recording Competition Winner and McGill University Bradley Awardee according to the Losch website. One last not on Tim Martyn, he’s a 4-time Grammy winner, and currently resides as Senior Audio Engineer and Technical Director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra according to their website.


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