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5 Top Mix Engineers in Film Audio Post Production!

From Pop to Rock, Hip Hop, Country, & Classical/Jazz we’ve covered all the major genres of mixing in music, but what’s the best way to conclude the “Top Mix Engineer” Series? I know! Let’s not forget mixing for film and television! In our final segment of this series we’ll cover 5 of the Top Mix Engineers in the Audio Post Production field. These engineers have mixed some of your favorite movies, or recorded some of the most iconic Foley in film or television in recent history. As in our other articles focused on music, many of these engineers have mixed music or other genres of audio. We included these 5 because they have either mixed some of the most iconic sounds of today or have worked with some of the biggest names in film or television. Here are 5 of the Top Mix Engineers in Audio Post Production; get to know them a little better.

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Alan Meyerson

Alan Meyerson in Studio - 5 Top Mix Engineers in Audio Post Production

Here’s a really interesting quick interview Alan Meyerson did with Mix magazine in late 2004 that details his mix process, and a few other microphone and gear techniques. According to some details from the same interview, Meyerson began his career working in the recording industry and, through a few chance meetings, transitioned to some of the most notable audio post production work available today. His credits span films such as “Gladiator”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Amazing Spiderman 2”, and “Man of Steel”. So basically, anything that sounds awesome in the theater has passed through Alan’s hands wink . The Grammy for Best Original Score Soundtrack in 2008 went to Meyerson for his work on “The Dark Knight”. In addition, Meyerson, like many other engineers in our series, has done his own stint in France with the “Mix With The Masters” crew. Meyerson works predominantly with renowned Score Composer Hans Zimmer, so most scores you see Zimmer’s name on, have been recorded and mixed by Meyerson. If you are interested (like many of us) to find out more about Meyerson and his career, check out his pensado’s place interview for some great info on one today’s masters in the post production engineer world!


Skip Lievsay

Skip Lievsay in Studio - Audio Post Production Engineer - 5 Top Mix Engineers in Post Production

The 2013 Grammy Winner for Sound Mixing went to Skip Lievsay for his work on “Gravity”. If you’ve seen the movie, it’s an amazing sound experience, and very memorable. Relatively “single actress” space movies are rare, so sound plays a large role in the film, in particular the asteroid scenes (ironically, there is no sound in space because sound waves have nothing to travel through such as air or water on earth). Lievsay is based in New York, and not only a sound mixer he’s also been Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer for many of his films such as “No Country for Old Men” and “True Grit”. Here’s a “can’t miss” feature with Lievsay and director Alfonso Cuaron talking about the Sounds of Gravity. It’s really a treat to hear Lievsay and Cuaron go in to detail about such amazing work. Martin Scorcese, The Coen Brothers, and Spike Lee have all called upon Skip Lievsay for their sound engineering work and Lievsay has become a legend in the audio post production industry.


Per Hallberg

Per Hallberg - Audio Post Production Engineer - 5 Top Mix Engineers in Post Production

Born in Sweden, Hallberg’s work has spanned 40 plus movies. With 3 Grammys for Sound Editing on films such as “Braveheart”, “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “Skyfall”, Hallberg has worked extensively in the audio post production industry. Until recently, Hallberg worked with SOUNDELUX, a Hollywood based post production facility. Hallberg is usually credited along with partner Karen Baker Landers, an award winning sound editor in her own right. In a largely male dominated industry, it’s worth learning a bit more about Karen along with Per in their feature here, where they about their new move to The Fermosa Group. Editing movies as far back as the seventies, Per Hallberg has established an incredible history in the audio post production world. He’s certainly one of Hollywood’s “go to” engineers for sound editing.


Richard King

Richard King Audio Post Production Engineer - 5 Top Mix Engineers in Post Production

The Amazing sounds of “Inception”, “The Dark Knight”, and “War of the Worlds” were all edited by renowned sound editor Richard King. Richard King is an American Sound Engineer from Florida and has won 3 Academy Awards as well as worked on over 70 films. Take note, here’s an awesome video where you can hear King talk firsthand about a few of his techniques. King’s studio at Warner Bros, is built around an Avid System 5 MC and is detailed in this mixonline.com article. The studio feature done for mix was done in 2012 when the new Warner Bros. room had just opened. King seems to be one of the most “in-demand” sound designers in the film industry and has definitely garnered an envious catalogue. Take note next time you watch the Academy Awards, you are bound to see some familiar names, Richard King will most likely be on that list.


Chris Munro

Cris Munro Audio Post Production Engineer - 5 Top Mix Engineers in Post Production

British 2 time Academy Award Winner Chris Munro has done some of his work with one of the other mix engineers on this list, Skip Lievsay. They both won Academy Awards for their work on 2013’s “Gravity”. You’ll also know Munro’s work from films such as “Black Hawk Down” and “Captain Phillips”. Here’s a great interview Munro did with the call sheet website in the U.K., in the interview he discusses his career and some of his techniques. Here’s another interview where Chris details how he intricately recorded Sandra Bullock’s breathing during filming [Gravity] so that she, and the sound editors could keep the breath pacing consistent during scenes. Chris has been a “filmmaker who specializes in sound” – his term, since the early 1970’s, and is considered one of audio post production’s top sound mixers/editors.


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