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How To Create A Hit Song -Statistics of A Hit Song

Ever wonder if there's a formula to making a Hit Record? How do songwriters like Diane Warren, Max Martin, and The Dream create hit after hit after hit? Well, there's only one way to become one of the great songwriters of our time. Write a bunch of terrible songs until you write a good one!

There are some statistical similarities when you evaluate the data behind hit records over a long period of time. If you take the data accumulated of the top 40 hit songs over the past 50 years; statisticians have found a few things that continuously appear. We've organized some of their readily available research into one easily shareable infographic. Below are what we found were the most helpful items on the lists of things that are the most consistent in popular hit records.  I'm sure you're already asking, "What about different genres?". These stats were derived from pop music hits. This includes all of the near/ancillary genres such as; pop-country, r&b, Hip pop, pop-rock, adult- contemporary etc. These stats would not be as helpful for genres such as jazz, classical, or international genres. All stats were derived based on American & European versions of the above genres. I'm sure your next question is "How do I know these facts are legit?" At the bottom of this article we've listed our sources for the findings and these are all independent from mixrevu.com. We've just organized them in this handy infographic. Your last question may be something to the affect of "Why would I want to copy what's been done? Originality makes music more interesting!". We agree! This How To Create A Hit Song Infographic is here to get you started on understanding the things that hit songs (even across genres i.e. pop-rock, r&b) have in common. It's possible to take similarities from here and incorporate them into your current songwriting to help make your music more "listener friendly", i.e. that diminished 5th may be a little too "out of the norm" for what hit songs call for wink.

One thing you'll ultimately notice that isn't on the chart is that the most popular songwriting usually a) keeps it simple b) is easily relateble  c) lends itself to singing along and d) is in a binary time signature. For the rest of the keys to creating a hit song; check out the infographic below! Cheers!


How To Create A Hit Record  - Statistics Behind creating Hit records -mixrevu.com


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