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Mick Guzauski - 30 Min. with a Mix Engineer Legend

30 Min with a Legend

(What I learned from legendary Audio Engineer Mick Guzauski, Details of the Pharrell “Gust of Wind” mix)


Mick Guzauski in studio with classic quote

These notes were taken from an “Into the mix” segment at the 137th AES Convention in LA. Mick Guzauski & Fab Dupont were gracious enough to site down for a session. Mick Guzauski’s mix of Pharrell’s phenomenally heralded G I R L album was discussed and there was a particular focus on track #7 “Gust of Wind”. The video of the track is directly below and the notes are below that. I found the session incredibly interesting and the tips you’ll gain from his use of plugins in this mix will transform the way you look at mixing with plugins. This was an ALL PLUGIN MIX. “In the Box” can produce great results (ask Phil Tan), but I digress. Here are the Audio Engineer music mixing gems…enjoy. enlightened


MIX: Mixed in stems, the track was burned as a full track and in stems at once. Separate reverbs for stems are mixed with the plugins and sent to tape.



**Mick noted that the synth ate up the vocal in this track, so he had to make some adjustments. **


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Mix Buss:

Sonnox EQ – A Shelf was added around 2 KHz and a HP filter at 20Hz so the subsonics didn’t affect the limiter.

By: ivan-the-engineer

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