• Posted: 16/09/21    

2016 October Mix Head2Head

2016 October Mix Head2Head!


Acoustic Guitar Close up


In the October FREE Mix Head2Head we’ve uploaded an Acoustic Solo Guitar by David Youngs. If you’re a member of mixrevu.com & a member of the forum section here you can log in and download the multitrack download NOW here. The mix of this track should be submitted in your member section by 10/1 for a chance to be included in the Head2Head mixrevu. Mixrevu.com is the Home of Audio Engineer music mix contests.


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As an iZotope Inc Logo partner Winner’s will see extended trials or fully featured plugins!


Here’s what you need to know about the mix Head2Heads:

·       How the mixrevu Contests work?

·       How to submit your files?

·       About us, Why is mixrevu.com so awesome? & What do Winners win?


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