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Top 10 Social Media Audio Engineers MUST Follow



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We’re all audio engineers. We read mix magazine, we read sound on sound magazine. We’re apart of the awesome @aesorg Facebook group where we chat about all things audio engineering. We probably all use social media too, but are we using social media to improve our audio engineering skills, to get free trials of audio engineering gear, to connect with valuable friends in the community or learn more about our craft? Maybe some of us are, but no one has stepped out to tell us where to go and who we should be following to get the MOST out of social media if we are passionate about audio engineering and want to use our off time to be better at what we love. I’m here to do just that, here are the M U S T follows for every audio engineer and why.


Herb & Dave - Pensado Place

Want more videos then you can count on Mixing tips, tricks and interviews of your favorite music insiders? Are you really into audio engineering and into being one of the people behind the scenes? I’m talking studio heads, managers, audio engineers, producers, post prod engineers etc… Pensado’s place is a MUST for anyone who is interested in those topics. Great videos and great guys. I had a chance to meet Dave and Herb at an AES in Los Angeles and they are great people aside from the industry stuff. This channel is a must follow to further your audio engineering career.

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Follow World Famous Plugin Manufacturers Waves unlimited. Their twitter @wavesuntld generally has weekly plugin deals  on certain plugins you can get for discount or even free + if you use the mixrevu.com additional discount code, you get 10% off of that discount price. If you like plugins and you like getting them from some of the best plugin makers across all DAWs, follow @wavesunltd and be sure to get our additional 10% Off code.

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MWTM Twitter

Mix WIth The Masters Logo

–  If you don’t have engineers that you follow or emulate….Get On That. Matter of fact, start in any one of these locations and find someone that you connect with Hip Hop | Rock | Country | Pop | Classical or Jazz | Post Production. Well, now that you have identified a few engineers that inspire you, go to Mix With The Master’s Twitter and check out their mix sessions. They post all the time about opportunities (albeit not super affordable opportunities) to actually learn from some of your favorite audio engineers. You get to take Mix Session in a small group and learn from some of these greats. I won’t even start to name some of the “Audio Engineer Gods” that they have on their tutorial roster but their twitter is a great place to keep up with all their seminars and they also have info on youtube videos where you can see snippets from sessions etc. the @MWTM_Seminars is a great twitter follow.

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Recordplant Instagram

Record Plant Logo

-   One of the most well know recording studios in America. Where most of your favorite artists have recorded and most of the seminal albums of our lives have been cut. Why should you follow The Record Plant Instagram page? Cause it’s the best studio in the land that’s why. If you love “Studio Porn” (What self-respecting audio engineer doesn’t?) Then you’ll love the awesome looks from The Record Plant’s Instagram.

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Rupert Neve Instagram

Rupert Neve Logo

If you love “Neve Porn” (and who doesn’t) then follow this page. Get high quality photos of Porticos, Neve at AES conventions, Neve 500 series processors, consoles and more. This is one of the most stalwart brands in Professional Audio from a titan in the Audio industry, Founder Rupert Neve. What isn’t there to like?smiley

Google + Groups

Google Plus Groups

Check Out The Groups Mixrevu.com is in. A lot of great contributors with a lot of great content. Need Advice on your next mix? Ask in the group. Need Advice On Getting Work? Ask In A Group. Want more friends in the industry? That’s here too. Sound Engineers, Mix Engineers and Audio Engineers alike!

iZotope Twitter

iZotope Logo

Why Follow iZotope on Twitter? iZotope has revolutionized the audio industry with their many products that are specialized to take our audio work to another level and make our projects easier. I love the RX series to save bad audio and I love their Ozone mastering software as well. We are partners with iZotope and they’ve just launched a new product called Nuetrino that you can try now for….FREE! As partners our mix head2head winners get free plugins and extended trials so we love to follow them on twitter to keep up with what new awesomeness they have in store. @iZotopeinc is a great follow.

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Mixrevu Logo

Our Twitter page keeps you up to date on all the best articles with Tips & Techniques as well as updates you on Deals we find from our plugin partners. Of Course you’ll also stay up to date with Mixing Contests along with voting times and more.. Don’t pass on following our Facebook, & Google+ pages we have different posts and elements to each.

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S.O.S Facebook

Sound On Sound Logo

My Favorite Audio Engineer Magazine and one of the world’s greatest Audio Engineer resources. Sound On Sound Magazine is based in the UK but their resources on mixing, recording and industry inside knowledge is world class. I’ve been a subscriber for years and I love the In-depth Mix Engineer series as well as the Mike Senior articles. You’ll find great video reviews on products you can’t even get your hands on yet, as well as learn through “Secrets Of The Mix Engineers” series. Learning is An Endless Journey and aside from real world experience, SOS magazine is my first place to go for the info on how some of the biggest recording in music history came to be and how to take those skills and apply them to my next mix. I can’t recommend them more and their Facebook page is a great place to start.

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E-Home Recording Studio Plus Page

E-Home Recording Studio Logo

I like this Google+ page because they, like us, have a lot of great info you won’t find anywhere else. You can find multiple reviews on the newest DAWs or the latest microphones or monitors but you won’t find a lot of reviews on recording studio pop filters or studio chairs and furniture. This page is a great page to supplement your other articles. Really good photos and it will also get you more involved in the Google+ audio community. There’s a lot more audio engineering conversations going on than you think and this is a great place to get your feet wet.

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