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Top Christmas Holiday Gifts For Audio Engineers

Top Christmas Holiday Gifts For Audio Engineers

Christmas Gifts


by: ivan-the-engineer

Happy Holidays!!!

Hey, it’s Christmas, Hanukah, & Kwanza time. Basically this is the time of year when we are in stores and online buying more gifts then usual. We at mixrevu.com never see any love in this area for audio engineers. Where is the “Gift Giving Guide” for us? Hunh? If no one around is gonna do it for us then it’s up to the sound engineers at mixrevu.com to make it happen so after looking through our gear and determining the most essential pieces that can be given as a gift (some stuff we just like to get ourselves), we put together this list. We broke this list down into 3 tiers; gifts for Audio Engineers Under $50 (For that audio engineer that you love at your local gig spot or that sound engineer that made you sound better than usual); gifts for audio and sound engineers under $100 (For your cousin who’s a sound engineer at church or your daughter who’s studying audio engineering in college); and gifts for audio engineers and sound mixing engineers under $500 (for the engineer you work with daily or your partner in your studio). Audio Engineering is not a cheap profession or interest so many of our favorite gear items didn’t make this list because we wanted to keep things economical but  you should find many things to get for any audio engineer in your life. Check out the list below and let us know in  our audio engineer forum what other gift items we missed or that you’d like to see in next year’s list!


5 Gifts Under $50

Buying on a budget? Here are the best gifts for the audio engineers in your life under $50.

1. Samson Pop Filter

Samson Pop Filter

This pop filter runs around $20. A great low priced gift to prevent low frequency plosives when using a microphone.


2. 256GB Flash Drive

256GB USB Thumb Drive

This USB 3.0 Enabled Thumb Drive is running $48 at Walmart currently. As An Audio Engineer we always need more storage. If you are an audio engineer that uses portable storage this is a good option to transfer files session to session. This price is great for this amount of storage, but this runs right up to around the cost of cloud storage which can be more convenient at times then actual portable storage. So, this is definitely an option to consider.




The Best looking Audio Engineer shirt around. Our best selling shirt and it ships free with no tax. What more could you want? Get this today in our merch section. Same Day Shipping! $20



4. Tidal Logo


I mention Tidal, because as audio engineers it's envaluable to have every piece of audio and records available to you to listen in high quality. Tidal is just that. Of course Tidal isn't the only streaming service, but I use Tidal and I love the ability to access any record at any time. Tidal has high quality audio at a moments notice. I love that and your audio engineer will love it too. It beats downloading and storing all your music on hard drives. $9.99/month


5. Multi-Colored Electric Tape  Black Permanent Marker  Spiral Notebooks


These items are all listed together because they are very low priced but still very useful. If you have a low budget you still have options to get the audio engineer in your life. In recording studios we use a lot of colored electric tape, permanent markers and notebooks for logs or session notes. $3, $8.95, $2



5 Gifts Under $100

Best gifts for the audio engineers in your life under $100. If you’d like advice on where to buy anything catch us in the forum. We don’t have many preferences on places to buy, we just love these items as gifts!


1. Sony MDR7506


One of the best "tracking" headphones I've ever used. It's a "sound good" headphone but that just means it's meant to sound good. It's not made like a typical mixing headphone or mastering headphone that is made to sound flat and just produce to your ears what is in the music. $99


2. Portable Microphone Isolation Shield


A microphone reflection shield is a great addition to any studio that is without a lot of recording room acoustic treatment. If you are recording in your bedroom or a room that is untreated, get a reflection shield to curb acoustic reflections permeating your recordings. $36-$99


3. Amazon Cloud Logo


As of December 7, 2016 the Amazon cloud service is the best priced cloud service around for 1 TB of storage. Cloud Storage is storage that is accessible anywhere in the world. You can login from any device and access it. It prevents you from having to carry around a thumb drive or hard drive. It's the most convenient way to store anything. Security is the main concern with cloud storage. Is it hackable, is it not? Most everything has the capacity to be hacked but Amazon takes all the industry standard precautions so I feel comfortable listing this as a great Christmas gift for any Audio Engineer. $60/yr


4. Bluetooth Boombox For Audio Engineers


The photo above is just an example of a Bluetooth Boombox. I don't have a recommendation on which one to buy but a boombox is a great gift for Audio Engineers and a Bluetooth Boombox is great for 2016 and beyond. When I mix a record for an artist I need to test it out on every available system to make sure that it plays consistently well. A boombox is a great addition to test your mixes out on. Most people don't have boomboxes now because we all have cell phones but this is a great addition to any studio and we can easily play our mixes with usb or bluetooth access. $34-$250


5.  Sound On Sound Magazine Logo


I have to admit...this is a personal favorite of mine. Without this magazine I wouldn't be the audio engineer I am today. I've learned so much from the countless amazing articles and insights so this definitely makes my audio engineer holiday gifts list. A yearly subscription runs $67 but every month you receive a magazine chocked full of info on all the audio gear you could ever want. My favorite part of the magazine is "Secrest of the Mix Engineers".



5 Gifts Under $500

Got a little more money? Spend it on your engineer friend. Check out the best gifts under $500 below!


1.  Auralex Roominator Kit For Project Studios


If you can afford to gift an audio engineer up to $500 start here for sure. If an audio engineer doesn't have acoustic room treatment then they NEED it. You can get a few Auralex Room Kits under $500. This helps frequencies disperse correctly in your room. Diffusers and Absorbers are both valuable materials in your listening plane. Pick one up from Auralex or other companies. I have personally installed Auralex kits so I decided to list them here. $189.99-$499


2.  Waves Platinum Bundle - Audio Engineers


I love this plugin bundle. This Waves bundle includes everything you need to mix a record professionally. There are many other ways to mix but I do really like Waves plugins and this is a sure fire Holiday gift for any audio engineer that doesn't already have it. If your soiund engineer already has access to Waves bundles check out offerings from Sonnox, Universal Audio or Sound Toys. $499


3.  Ozone 5 Mastering Bundle


I was lucky enough to experience a Mastering seminar in an Atlanta studio with reps from iZotope and I got to see a myriad of uses of this powerful software. I prefer to have my tracks mastered by some of my friends who are awesome mastering engineers. Most of them use fully analog mastering chains but if you are going digital Ozone 5 is a great start. There are a lot of tools that are offered in Ozone 5 that you can't get anywhere else for the price that you can get in this mastering system. $349



4.  iZotope RX5 - Forensic Audio Editor


Do you have audio you think can't be salvaged? Do you do post production for films? Do you record Podcasts? If you do, or if you know someone who does this is the best gift you can give them outside of an audio engineer t-shirt of course. inkThe RX5 software allows you to de-reverb, de-crackle and de-noise any piece of audio. It will take a while to get the hang of it, but you won't appreciate any other gift more. Access to the RX 5 software is an indispensable tool in any audio engineer's quiver. If you can afford it, this comes highly recommended. $249



5.  Shure SM7B


One of the most useful microphones in any studio. If you know an audio engineer that needs a new microphone this is a great option. It's a dynamic mic, meaning it can take very high SPL levels (basically it can withstand loud bangs and noises) it is also a highly used hip hop microphone ane radio/podcast microphone. It's a great utility microphone when many of your recordings include vocals. If you have a lush singer, this isn't the best choice but if you have a hip hop recording, podcast or spoken word, you can't go wrong with an SM7B. $499


p.s. Want an even easier gift for a sound engineer? Download music to practice mixing for $10. Immediately get tracks to download. No shipping, No Waiting!



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