mixrevu.com guidelines

  1. Users may submit one audio track (.wav max 50MB) per contest for the mix revu. (i.e. one track for pop, one track in audio scene etc.) Once a user has submitted a track, regardless of approval or decline the user will not be able to re-submit for that particular contest in the contest timeframe.
  2. When a user uploads a file for the mix-revu, the user must have permission to submit that file for the contest and be representing that work as their mix, at no point should a user upload a file they did not work on or have permission to upload, after all, the feedback you get will be to evaluate your work!
  3. There will be 2 audio tracks randomly selected to be in the mix revu for the contest period.
  4. Users may and are encouraged to comment on the tracks (comments will be monitored and are subject to guidelines), please keep the comments constructive.
  5. Users may rate the audio tracks only once.
  6. The winner of the mix-revu will be posted on the home page with the audio track and provided details. (The winner will be the audio track with the highest rating at the end of the mix-revu)
  7. The winner will "reign" as the mix-revu champion until the next mix-revu winner is crowned.
  8. The winner must not be in violation of any terms of the site or the winner will forfeit the title.
  9. In the event of a tie both engineers will be selected as the winner and share the "reign".
  10. If there are any other issues, site admins will have the final say.
  11. As mixrevu.com is always reaching out to get more users involved, current mix-revu winners on the homepage may even be featured in web based ad campaigns and newsletters.

The mix-revu is all about constructive criticism as well as learning and camaraderie.

mixrevu.com makes NO CLAIM to any of the audio tracks submitted by users and WILL NEVER represent their work as our own.

-any questions? inq@mixrevu.com